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Tile Roof Refelt Starts with Education

The underlayment and battens of your tile roof can save you money on energy costs. Let us talk about what the underlayment of your roof does and then what the battens do.

Underlayment: First Layer of Protection

The underlayment of your roof is the layer of protection between the tile and the wood sheathing. The underlayment blocks out heat, UV rays, water, and mold. Most homeowners have 15-lb felt underlayment over the sheathing – which, hypothetically, is like a thick piece of paper protecting the sheathing of your home. We upgrade our customers to a standard 25-lb synthetic Titanium UDL underlayment (Titanium UDL25) or Boral TileSeal HT.

Titanium UDL25 Underlayment

A scientifically engineered coated woven synthetic underlayment. It is the future roofing technology that replaces traditional felt. UDL25 is synthetic so it is unaffected by water meaning it is 100% inert to mold. It is 14x stronger than #30 felt and will reduce heat in your attic by 5-10 degrees.

Boral TileSeal HT Underlayment

Boral’s best roof underlayment. It is a premium high temperature tile roof underlayment that is strong, stable in low and high temperature, UV resistant, durable protection for all seasons and has a 30-year limited warranty for guaranteed performance under any roofing material.

Arched Battens: Ventilated Roof System

Arched Battens by Eagle Roofing is a revolutionary tile roof ventilation system that increases airflow underneath the tiles of your tile roof. Arched Battens is made with graded lumber, not plastic, and treated borax to keep pests away from your home. By raising the tiles, Arched Battens extends the longevity of the Titanium UDL25 underlayment and increasing moisture and water drainage and intrusion and prevents damage from the elements.

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Eagle Roofing Supplies

Eagle Roofing Products

Over 30 years of high quality roofing products and solutions that are durable, long-lasting and environmentally friendly.
Owens Corning Roofing Supplies

Owens Corning

A global building and industrial materials leader that is dedicated to the advancement of roofing technology
Roofline Supply and Delivery

Roofline Supply and Delivery

One of America’s fastest growing private companies supplying roof contractors with the supplies they need
Lomanco Roofing Vents

Lomanco Vents

Celebrating over 75-years of excellence in the home ventilation business
Boral America Roofing Supplies

Boral America

A leader in roof and building materials in America

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